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 * freecell.c: A plugin for the Video Disk Recorder
 * See the README file for copyright information and how to reach the author.
 * $Id$

#include <vdr/plugin.h>
#include "game.h"
#include "i18n.h"

static const char *VERSION        = "0.0.2";
static const char *DESCRIPTION    = "The well-known card game";
static const char *MAINMENUENTRY  = "Freecell";

class cPluginFreecell : public cPlugin {
  // Add any member variables or functions you may need here.
  virtual ~cPluginFreecell();
  virtual const char *Version(void) { return VERSION; }
  virtual const char *Description(void) { return tr(DESCRIPTION); }
  virtual bool Initialize(void);
  virtual bool Start(void);
  virtual void Housekeeping(void);
  virtual const char *MainMenuEntry(void) { return tr(MAINMENUENTRY); }
  virtual cOsdObject *MainMenuAction(void);
  virtual cMenuSetupPage *SetupMenu(void);
  virtual bool SetupParse(const char *Name, const char *Value);



bool cPluginFreecell::Initialize(void)
  return true;

bool cPluginFreecell::Start(void)
  return true;

void cPluginFreecell::Housekeeping(void)
  // Perform any cleanup or other regular tasks.

cOsdObject *cPluginFreecell::MainMenuAction(void)
  return new cFreecellGame;

cMenuSetupPage *cPluginFreecell::SetupMenu(void)
  // Return a setup menu in case the plugin supports one.
  return NULL;

bool cPluginFreecell::SetupParse(const char *Name, const char *Value)
  // Parse your own setup parameters and store their values.
  return false;

VDRPLUGINCREATOR(cPluginFreecell); // Don't touch this!

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