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cTBList< T > Class Template Reference

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struct  cItem

Public Member Functions

void Append (const T &obj)
T & Append ()
void Append (const cTBList< T > &src)
At (uint idx) const
T & At (uint idx)
void Clear ()
int Contains (const T &obj) const
uint Count () const
 cTBList (const cTBList< T > &src)
int Current () const
int Find (const T &obj)
const T & First () const
const T & Get () const
bool Insert (uint pos, const T &obj)
bool Insert (uint pos, const cTBList< T > &src)
bool IsEmpty () const
const T & Last () const
const T & Next () const
cTBList< T > & operator= (const cTBList< T > &src)
T & operator[] (uint idx)
operator[] (uint idx) const
void Prepend (const T &obj)
T & Prepend ()
void Prepend (const cTBList< T > &src)
const T & Prev () const
bool Remove (uint idx)
bool Remove (const T &obj)
bool Remove ()
bool RemoveFirst ()
bool RemoveLast ()
void SetAutoDelete (bool on)
T & SetFirstCurrent ()
T & SetLastCurrent ()
T & SetNextCurrent ()
T & SetPrevCurrent ()
Take ()
Take (uint idx)
TakeFirst ()
TakeLast ()

Protected Member Functions

void DelItem (cItem *i) const
cItemNewItem (cItem *i1, cItem *i2) const

Private Member Functions

cItemGetCurrent () const
void Initialize ()
cItemLocate (uint idx)
cItemUnlink ()

Private Attributes

uint m_Count
int m_CurPos
bool m_Delete


cTBList< T > operator+ (const cTBList< T > &list1, const cTBList< T > &list2)
cTBList< T > operator+ (const cTBList< T > &list, const T &element)
cTBList< T > operator+ (const T &element, const cTBList< T > &list)
cTBList< T > & operator+= (cTBList< T > &list1, const cTBList< T > &list2)
cTBList< T > & operator+= (cTBList< T > &list, const T &element)

Detailed Description

template<class T>
class cTBList< T >

Definition at line 9 of file list.h.

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