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cCardStack Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

bool Accepts (const cCard *Card)
cCard *& Append ()
void Append (const cTBList< cCard * > &src)
void Append (const cCard *&obj)
cCardAt (uint idx) const
cCard *& At (uint idx)
 cCardStack (int X=-1, int Y=-1, bool Stacked=false)
void Clear (void)
int Contains (const cCard *&obj) const
uint Count () const
int Current () const
int Find (const cCard *&obj)
const cCard *& First () const
const cCard *& Get () const
void GetCursorPos (int &x, int &y)
void GetFloatingPos (int &x, int &y)
bool Insert (uint pos, const cCard *&obj)
bool Insert (uint pos, const cTBList< cCard * > &src)
bool IsEmpty () const
const cCard *& Last () const
void Move (int x, int y)
const cCard *& Next () const
cCardoperator[] (uint idx) const
cCard *& operator[] (uint idx)
void Paint (cOsdBase *Osd)
void Prepend (const cCard *&obj)
cCard *& Prepend ()
void Prepend (const cTBList< cCard * > &src)
const cCard *& Prev () const
void Refill (void)
bool Remove ()
bool Remove (const cCard *&obj)
bool Remove (uint idx)
bool RemoveFirst ()
bool RemoveLast ()
void SetAutoDelete (bool on)
cCard *& SetFirstCurrent ()
cCard *& SetLastCurrent ()
cCard *& SetNextCurrent ()
cCard *& SetPrevCurrent ()
void Shuffle (void)
bool Solved (void)
bool Solves (const cCard *Card)
cCardTake (uint idx)
cCardTake ()
cCardTakeFirst ()
cCardTakeLast ()

Protected Member Functions

void DelItem (cItem *i) const
cItem * NewItem (cItem *i1, cItem *i2) const

Private Attributes

uint mSeed
bool mStacked
int mX
int mY


cTBList< cCard * > operator+ (const cTBList< cCard * > &list1, const cTBList< cCard * > &list2)
cTBList< cCard * > operator+ (const cTBList< cCard * > &list, const cCard *&element)
cTBList< cCard * > operator+ (const cCard *&element, const cTBList< cCard * > &list)
cTBList< cCard * > & operator+= (cTBList< cCard * > &list1, const cTBList< cCard * > &list2)
cTBList< cCard * > & operator+= (cTBList< cCard * > &list, const cCard *&element)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 54 of file cards.h.

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